The Silicon Valley Tarot

Cheaper than a consultant. Same results.

The Internet sensation is now available from Steve Jackson Games. Now you can lay out those cards for real . . . to learn what the future has in store for you. Or as much as that high-priced consultant could tell you. With no meetings.

Updated and graphically redesigned by creator Thomas Scoville (with several new cards!) the physical Silicon Valley Tarot consists of 70 large-format (3" by 4.5") cards. There's also a guidebook with Thomas Scoville's full oracular interpretations of the cards, both regular and reversed . . . plus a discussion of Tarot spreads and use, by S. John Ross.

Where Can I Get It?

The Silicon Valley Tarot is available in computer stores, book stores, game stores and probably even the occasional Tarot dealer. (For wholesale information, please contact

And you can also order it direct from us.

Visit the Silicon Valley Tarot homepage for more info.

[Note: The cards and names presented here are the original version - Version 1.0, if you will - of the Silicon Valley Tarot. The print version features improved art, and several cards have been replaced, in our never-ending attempt to improve YOUR future . . . ]

[The Hacker] [Five Of Cubicles]

The Major Arcana

The Hacker Venture Capital The Network The Consultant IPO The Futurist The Layoff Spam The Server The Stockholder The Next Big Thing The CEO Flame War Bugs The Guru Double Latte Stock Options Sea of Cubicles Encryption Firewall El Camino Real The Sysadmin The Garage

The Minor Arcana

CIO of Networks Salesman of Networks Marketeer of Networks New Hire of Networks Eight of Networks Seven of Networks Six of Networks Five of Networks Four of Networks Three of Networks Two of Networks Ace of Networks

CIO of Cubicles Salesman of Cubicles Marketeer of Cubicles New Hire of Cubicles Eight of Cubicles Seven of Cubicles Six of Cubicles Five of Cubicles Four of Cubicles Three of Cubicles Two of Cubicles Ace of Cubicles

CIO of Disks Salesman of Disks Marketeer of Disks New Hire of Disks Eight of Disks Seven of Disks Six of Disks Five of Disks Four of Disks Three of Disks Two of Disks Ace of Disks

CIO of Hosts Salesman of Hosts Marketeer of Hosts New Hire of Hosts Eight of Hosts Seven of Hosts Six of Hosts Five of Hosts Four of Hosts Three of Hosts Two of Hosts Ace of Hosts

All words and images Copyright 1998, Thomas Scoville

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