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Why stoop to market research, consumer surveys, and expensive consultants to guide you into the scary, uncertain future of technology when you can consult the Silicon Valley Tarot? We've already done all the work for you: First, we compiled a comprehensive collection of all the major themes, semiotics, and archetypes of Silicon Valley life (yes, the Silicon Valley is the only region of technology development that matters; all others are provinces and pretenders). Second, we've distilled, encapsulated, and rendered them in tasteful, Tarot-card-style chunks, complete with pithy, insightful interpretations. And last but not least, we've developed the sure-fire, can't-miss automated Silicon Valley Business Oracle™ which uses the cards to guide you unfailingly through the uncharted waters of the Information Technology Industry.

Be the first to impress your boss and amaze your colleagues. Don't walk into your next project meeting, product strategy session, or venture capital pitch without consulting us first. And, when you come to the inescapable realization that the Silicon Valley Tarot Deck punches you directly into the Hidden Ether of Wisdom and Foresight, tell your friends!

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Silicon Valley Tarot is the brainchild of one Tom Scoville, implemented here with the able programming assistance of Peter Grendler.

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